A Face To Sell A Thousand Books

A blonde woman wearing black leather jewelry, staring you down.
photo courtesy of nastya_gepp via Pixabay

You know how this works. People the world over who decide to make use of the free photo websites sometimes use those images to header wildly differing articles. Last time on Reverse Image Search Bingo, we uncovered sheep-human hybrids. What new terrain will we travel now?

Surprising no one, people are gross.

A small sampler of headlines featuring this woman’s face runs to the predictable terribleness of escort services and “How to Neg a Woman Into Your Bed” listicles. She’s also the poster girl on a “Why you should marry Russian women” website, which is…. Something. There are also a few hair product & bracelet-selling sites in the mix, which isn’t great, yet isn’t actively soul-destroying either, so I’ll take it as a win. But there’s another arena where she’s pretty popular.

The erotica self-publishing market apparently has a type, because a bunch of their book covers feature this woman’s face.

Friends, please imagine my surprise when I realized just how many people have selected this photo for their self-pub book covers. So many. So, so many. A sampler:

Definitely Cuckold Collection III: Humiliating Cuckold Erotica For Men

Not just plain ol’ cuckold, but definitely & humiliating cuckold, a collection.

#graphicshop stories, a Wattpad site

I’m actually kind of impressed that a Wattpad user went the extra mile of making sure their cover photo was free use.

Entrancing the Sorority Girls 2: Pledge Week 

I mean, on the one hand, it’s a wordy title; on the other hand, it’s pretty obviously for the lesbians. It loses on style but gains on content.

Lady Parts

Succint. I like that. Has some horror novel implications also. I could be intrigued. I mean in all likelihood this is yet more erotica, but who knows.

The Bull’s Account: Tonight You’re Mine: (hotwife, cuckold, bull)

I… have questions. But do I want the answers? (Okay, mostly I’m curious, does the bull talk? Are we in full on anthro territory here or what? “Bull’s account” makes me think we are, but how would that even work? No, don’t tell me, I decided I don’t want to know. Weirdly, I also wonder about that last colon. What a bold stylistic choice.)

Castrating Wives Club IV 

Oh, my god. Oh my god? OHmyGOD.




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