The Photos that Launch a Thousand Blog Posts

this sheep stares kindly into your soul
A Good Friend – courtesy of Pixabay

Would you like to play a game?

A fact of the modern age is free photos will be repurposed to live many lives. Here is a photo of a Good Friend type creature. So noble, so kind. Truly the embodiment of all things pure.

Google’s Reverse Image Search feature tells me other people have used this image in these headlines:

Proof That Farm Animals are the Most Adorable

Okay, I can agree with that. That’s pretty cute. But wait, there’s more.

BBC’s Countryfile proves that antibiotic resistance is on the rise

What now. I mean, okay, that’s probably true, but.

How to Have An Immersive California Farm Stay Experience

That’s more like it. Yes, sir, even though I know you grabbed this excellent photo from a free photo-share site, I will still attend your Immersive California Farm Stay Experience on the off chance that you have a creature even 1/20th the nobility and goodwill of this fine friend.

Ross County – Fair Sale Livestock Auction

Oh. Oh… no. Oh,¬†no.

The Hidden Worm That Can Kill Your Goats & Sheep

What the fuck.

Lynx Reintroduction in the UK: Is It a Good Idea?

Wait, huh?

Scientists Have Just Created Human-Sheep Hybrids


Okay, so that’s probably enough, jfc.¬†Join me next time, on Fun With Google Reverse Image Search!


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